I really, really love burgers

Burgers are bloody awesome! I've been eating burgers since like forever, but last year I got really hooked on those bastards. Even though the principle is always the same - bread, some stuff in the middle, another bit of bread - there is so much variation, it's like heaven on a plate!

People are all like, what the fuck man... burgers are unhealthy. Well, don't forget that burgers include almost always something from all food groups. You've got your bun which takes care of the grains, the meat - obviously, then you have dairy (most burgers come with cheese), vegetables (lettuce, onion, pickles), oils (burgers can be greasy and everyone knows you need some good fat as part of your diet). Finally, most burgers include a slice of tomato which covers the fruit group. So yes, a pretty balanced meal if you ask me.